Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stalingrad Project - Ongoing...

This is a post about a project that I started back in the Fall of 2006.  I worked on it off and on until about January 2008.  I've dabbled in it a bit off and on since, but am getting the bug to get back to it again.  It is currently a 4'x6' area with a 2'x4' section being the new part I'm working on.  Ultimately, the entire board will be 8'x16'.

It is modeled off of the Red Barricades factory area of Stalingrad and I used the map from the old Advanced Squad Leader module Red Barricades.  I blew up a digital copy, printed them out and taped them together into 2'x2' sections.  Most everything, except for trees and the railroad tracks (N scale BTW), was built from scratch.

Here are a few key photos of the project.  The rest of the photos can be found here:  StalingradProject

The maps:

The base foam.  I picked 2" thick because I was originally going to dig cellars into it, but gave up on that idea...  :)
Then I started transferring the paper map to the foam which was mounted to hardboard:
Then I started laying out the roads and the rail lines.  There are some shellholes in this pic too:
This is a long view with some of the houses placed to get an idea of how it would look:
In this pic, I've glued the houses down, and started laying down the base material (dried clay soil from my backyard...)  Ballasted the tracks too:
Some shots of buildings:

A couple shots of the factory buildings on this part of the board:

This is a long shot of the original 4'x6' section I have "finished"...  I still haven't added rubble or details to any of it yet...  :(

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  1. Fantastic mate
    Shame about it being for FOW, a ruleset I'm not a big fan of - though once you've built this it will be possible to run many, many games on it and it's great you've opted to go modular, too
    Keep up the great work and hope to see more