Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Fever -Day 3

Day three of Spring Fever was somewhat typical of a normal Sunday of a convention, but we had a lot more gaming going on and a lot more people hanging around to get that last game in!

Here are a couple shots of the crowd for Sunday:

I also got to play in a Battlefleet Gothic game. I'd played in a couple before this and generally like the system. I almost felt like I knew what I was doing this time! :)

I was on the Imperial side facing a Chaos fleet that was trying to land troops on the planet we were defending.  The first two pics are of the board and the two fleets lined up preparing for battle!

This next pic is from a few turns into the game.  I had the Imperial squadron near the bottom of the board.  The Chaos fleet split into 3-4 distinct groups and came at us somewhat piecemeal.  They sent a cruiser and some escorts below the asteroid field to try to flank us, but my squadron pulled some careful maneuvers and I managed to get my escort squadron to face them directly and my cruiser and battleship to still have a broadside line of fire to the flanking force.  The rest of the fleet send desultory salvoes of torpedos at the rest of the chaos fleet to keep them on their toes and to give them something else to think about in addition to their plan of attack.

Here is a shot after several direct fire hits and some lucky torpedo shots on our part.  My escorts have essentially flanked the chaos escorts in the "south" and are coming in behind them where they can't get good shots back at me.  My other squadron admiral is sending me some of his escorts to help deal with the flanking threat.

This last shot doesn't show it too well, but we have managed to just about cripple two of the chaos cruisers in the main force to the left of the asteroid field.  The chaos battleship squadron has managed to tangle itself up in the large gas cloud in the "north".  We were able to concentrate fire on its escorting cruiser and exploded although it did no additional damage to the battleship.  By the end of this turn, the flanking squadron escorts are completely destroyed and the cruiser is all that's left of that force.

We called it on time after this point with the Imperials owning the upper hand in the fight.  The chaos plan was to maneuver the one flanking cruiser to the planet and begin landing troops.  I believe we would have been able to divert enough power from the main attack to stop it also.

A very enjoyable game.  I've since added to my slowly growing Imperial fleet...  Now I just have to find some time to paint them!  :)


  1. Nice looking BFG stuff! Looks like a solid game.

  2. It's a pretty fun game actually. Lots of thinking going on in maneuvering for good shots, etc.