Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Tour of the ManCave!

I've got quite a few things to post about over the next week or so, but I'd like to start with some pics of the ManCave!  I took these a week or so ago.

First...  The Gamer Dog!  (Ginger)

The obligatory pic of the painting area...

A closeup of the painting area...

The current project - US Paratrooper box!

The storage area...  It needs to be reorg'd!

A wider shot of the gaming room.  The table is 6'x12' and looks much bigger when it's not covered in projects!  I've got too much stuff...  :)

Inspired by Steveograd, I got out all of my buildings so I can contemplate maybe getting started on painting them....  because that's how I roll!   :)


  1. GGet ryan to email u the pic of the bunny on the table!!

  2. LOL! Yes, I need one of those! Go to sleep!

  3. Yes... Yes it is! :) I always do things in batches and I put together the 4 blisters and the Panzer Marsch box at the same time. Since then, I've only managaged to spray them yellow so far. One day... :)

  4. Solid man cave! How do you like the JR Reichstag? I plan to get one for Steve-o-grad eventually!

  5. Thank You! I like the Reichstag a lot as the building, but the one I got had some issues. Not sure if the current ones have these problems or not.

    I think I got one that had a slightly bad mix of the resin because it didn't cure completely it was very slippery for a long time until it air dried. This resulted in the two long walls bowing in somewhat. That's why I have the foamboard brace in there to try to get it to reshape.

    One of the walls was not completely glued so I had to superglue it in place. The interiors have a lot of "flashing", but they are nicely laid out, etc.

    I would buy it again, but would be more selective if there was more than one sitting there... :)

  6. Mine didn't seem to have this issue...