Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Southern Front 2011 - FOW Regional Qualifier Tournament

Now that Historicon is over, we're starting to talk up the Flames of War tournament we are having at Southern Front this year.

It's the FIRST East Coast regional qualifier of the 2011-2012 season! 

Here is the snapshot from the BF website list:

September 24, 2011
Southern Front Regional Qualifier
Southern Front Convention
3415 Wake Forest Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609-7330
The convention fee is $20 for the weekend, $15 for a single day. There is no additional fee for the tournament registration. In addition to full access to the convention, registering for the tournament earns three tickets for the convention raffle. Amongst other things, the raffle will include several Flames of War items including a fully painted 1750 FOW Fallschirmjager army!!!! Additional raffle tickets are available for purchase on site. Look for additional details on the Southern Front website as they become available. Hope to see you there!!!
Late War

Friday, July 1, 2011


I've been busy with many things lately and haven't been able to properly AAR the last two games I've had in the escalation league.  One just happened last night, so I have an excuse there..

Two weeks ago, I played an 800 point game with my Cassino FJ against Bruce Nemet's Fanatic Hungarian University students.  We rolled up Cauldron with me attacking, again...  This time Bruce was able to get his students setup with good fields of fire and my FJs just couldn't get the assault to charge home early enough before his reserves started to arrive.  He was also able to get his aircraft to come in this game and that kept my nebelwerfers hopping!  I was finally able to break into his defenses, but didn't have enough left to completely dislodge him.  He won 7-2.

Last night I played Ben Hanley (Cassino 91st Recon) at 1000 points.  We played Hasty Assault.  Can you guess who the attacker was?  I really need to get some fortifications in that list!  It was a disaster.  It was over in three turns.  I setup with my guns (AT, mortars, nebs) on the board and the FJ platoons as reserve.  He had a Sherman platoon in immediate ambush along with a 105 battery and some sort of recon infantry platoon on the table.  I think I ranged in with the nebs one time, the mortars were destroyed by the Shermans.  I got my first FJ platoon on turn 2 which was good, but his Shermans then destroyed them.  Main Gun/stabilizer 6 shots - 4 hits - two "1s" rolled for saves.  Two dead stands.  Six MG shots - 5-6 hits - 3 "1s" rolled as saves.  Most of platoon gone.  He assaults and ends up killing the rest.  I conceded at this point because my last platoon was just going to be helping defend my objective for the rest of the game and that wasn't going to be fun.  7-2 to him.

I'm falling way behind in the league not just because of my spectacular losses :), but because I also haven't been able to play as much as everyone else.  I'll probably still try to get one game/week, but I'm not worried about "placing" now.  :)

I have been spending a lot of time working with Gregg Siter on the website.  He's had me entering data for the company diagrams.  I've worked on the East Front Germans and now I'm working through the Cassino book.  We're hoping we can start getting more and more lists out there for everyone to use.

I have all of next week off (Independence Holiday here in the US) and I hope to start documenting my painting that I've been doing this year.  Going to work on the easyarmy stuff and try to get some painting in along with the "Honey Do" list...  :)