Sunday, August 28, 2011

Late War Megagame @ Gamer's Armory

It's been over a month since I've done a post!  :)  Summer has been very busy.

Today we had the finale megagame celebrating the end of the Late War Escalation League run at Gamer's Armory.  I only got to play in about the first three weeks of the league, but I definitely wanted to play in the grande finale!

We had 6 German players and 5 Allied players (split between Soviets and US).  Each one of us had our full 1750 point armies to push and we played on a 6x16-20(?) foot table.  The Germans were the attackers and we gave the Allies some extra fortifications and a couple ambushes to help make up for the missing player.

We played the Total War scenario and victory was determined by cumulative victory points gained by holding the objectives.  We had a 5 minute planning session and then a 15 minute deployment for each side.  Whatever you couldn't place, came in as reserves.  The Germans setup first and then the Allies.

We played 4 complete turns in about 3-3.5 hours of game time.  The Germans were able to get an extra objective in the middle and get a three point lead which won the game for us.  It was mostly a draw, but the Germans were starting to get an advantage by starting to destroy more of the Allied forces.

A great game and wonderful company made it a fantastic afternoon.  Met a couple new players of whom one has only been playing FOW for about a week or so.  My son came away with a renewed interest in the game and we are going to start playing more at our house.

Here is a link to Facebook photos taken by the store owner:  Gamer's Armory Pics

In no particular order or anything here are some pics of the game.

Setup of the terrain.  My Stalingrad boards are in the foreground.