Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flames of War Game Day 2

Here's a brief report of our second FOW Game Day at The Game Connection this past Saturday March 26th.  We had a smaller turnout this time, but several folks couldn't make it and we knew that ahead of time.  We did have one new guy play and it seems he likes the system quite a bit.  He's already starting a Panzer Lehr force and seemed to be real Gung Ho for the system!  :)

I took a lot more pics this time, but still not a lot of details of the battles.  I took notes, but don't have them with me right now...  I'll update later when I get my notes...  :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Fever 2011

We are getting ready to have another FOW Game Day tomorrow at The Game Connection, but I thought I'd go ahead and post up something about our upcoming local miniatures convention.

Our group, Triangle Simulation Society (TSS), has been running a mainly historical miniatures convention (Southern Front) for over 20 years now and 4-5 years ago we had the idea to hold a second one that would be an "all inclusive" miniatures convention and thus was born Spring Fever!

At first mostly the same folks came to both conventions, but we did attract a few more sci-fi/fantasy genre games. I was actually exposed to 40K for the first time at our first Spring Fever convention and have enjoyed it in moderation since... :)  The next year we hooked up with the Oak City Brawlers and their Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament (Brawler Bash) they hold every year and we haven't looked back! This year's convention boasts two tournaments (Bash and a Warmachine event) and a fine mix of other games including some boardgames.

So if you happen to be in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area April 8-10 come on by and get some gaming in!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

FOW Game Day - March 5th

Posting up some pics of a Flames of War Game Day that we recently held at The Game Connection March 5th, 2011.  It was the first one of these that we'd held in years.  We had 10 players attend which was pretty amazing!  We kept it free form and had 4 tables going the whole time with MW and LW games of 1500 to 1750 points.

We are planning the next game day for March 26th with the same format, although I'm hoping to be able to get my first EW game in!

The pics were taken via my phone (Droid X).  I didn't get a ton of pics and some folks did get to play two games so the pics might not make much sense. :)  

Some pics of the game I played. LW 1750 Breakthrough - Kampfgruppe Bake (me) vs. Soviet Tankovy (Nolan).  I had met Nolan before and never realized he is a high school student (well mannered - His momma would be proud!  :) )  It was a really good game with both sides having the tables turned on them and thinking there was no way to win.  I ended up capturing the objective with my Jager platoon that was part of the flanking force.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stalingrad Project - Ongoing...

This is a post about a project that I started back in the Fall of 2006.  I worked on it off and on until about January 2008.  I've dabbled in it a bit off and on since, but am getting the bug to get back to it again.  It is currently a 4'x6' area with a 2'x4' section being the new part I'm working on.  Ultimately, the entire board will be 8'x16'.

It is modeled off of the Red Barricades factory area of Stalingrad and I used the map from the old Advanced Squad Leader module Red Barricades.  I blew up a digital copy, printed them out and taped them together into 2'x2' sections.  Most everything, except for trees and the railroad tracks (N scale BTW), was built from scratch.

Here are a few key photos of the project.  The rest of the photos can be found here:  StalingradProject

The maps:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to the ManCave!

Welcome all!

Yes this is yet ANOTHER blog about some miniature gamer's game room, miniature collection, and games he's played...

I was inspired by Steve MacLauchlan's What Would Patton Do blog and the number of great quality games his group was playing.  I talked to him about starting the blog and he suggested that a blog makes a great diary of what you've been doing and you can look back and reminisce about the past year, etc.

I'm going to be starting out by just posting pics, etc. of some older projects that I've worked on in the past few years.  I'll try to take pictures of games and post AARs although I haven't done much of that before.  I'll also post up some pics of the ManCave proper...

Most of this will be Flames of War related, but I do play other stuff...  Oh!  And I'll be advertising our group's local conventions!

Yes, that is my license plate...  :)