Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company MkIVs and T-34s

After seeing cbaxter's (Craig?) review of the Mk IVs and indie's talks about the T-34s from Plastic Soldier Company, I decided to finally order some and see what the fuss was really about!

Neal (no relation...) at the Warstore carries Plastic Soldier Company stuff.  I didn't know that before Tuesday morning!  So by Tuesday afternoon, the order is packed up and is ready for UPS.  I get it delivered sometime late mid-morning on Thursday!

I bought 10 Mk IVs (2 boxes) and 1 box of the T-34s.  After shipping the cost/tank was $5.80!

Thursday night I put together one of the T-34 76/85 tanks and tonight I put together one of the Mk IVs.  I've taken some pics of the process.  Also, some folks were asking about the compatibility with Battlefront tanks.  I've taken some pics of that too, so you can see it firsthand.  Eventually I'm going to try to take some measurements.

Overall, I like the vehicles.  Very detailed, easy to build but do take longer than BF tanks usually.  The parts are more finely detailed and and produce a better model, IMO. One thing, be sparing with the glue!

I think the Mk IV kit has had some improvements made to it over the T-34 kit and I believe the model fits better with the BF ones, but you can be the judge...

Apologies for a lot of terrible photos...  :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

600 Point, LW, Games - Lessons Learned

I've played all of four (4) 600 point LW games now and I'm an expert!  :)

Here are some things I've done, but my opponents not so much, that have worked for me.  Some of these are somewhat redundant with each other...

- Ignore the "toys", bring low-level Combat/Weapons platoons for the most part.

- Bring as many "combat platoon" types of units as you can.  If you are an infantry company bring a couple infantry platoons.  It's OK, at this point level, to bring a "sub-standard" option.  I did this with the Gebirgsjager platoon to save points.  I ended up with two 7 stand units instead of two small FJ platoons.  Same can be said for the tanks. Bring some lighter tanks or tank hunters, etc.

- Mortars are the "King of Battle" on this level.  Even the short ranged FJ stummelwerfer is worth it on this level.  When we go to full size boards I may have to go with a regular mortar battery, but these HQ guys are great right now.

- Bring something that can kill at range (AT and Anti-infantry).  Mortars and then AT guns.  They are cheaper than tanks/SP guns.  Unless of course you are a tank company.  :)  This also gives you something to do while you move in with your "kill team".  Never let the enemy have a turn where they don't have to react to something you are doing.  If you do, then it gives them time to think about their turn and what they are going to do to you!  :)

- Bring as many units as you can fit.  The more dice you roll for fire, the more chances you have to kill something.  This also dilutes the enemy's fire because they have more units to deal with.  Again making him think more about the mechanics instead of his plans...

- Don't be afraid to sit and wait.  Either for reinforcements or for your long range stuff to start working their magic.

I haven't taken on a purely tank force yet, so that will get interesting, but I think I can hold my own.  Tomorrow we start the 800 point round...

Comments? Was this all just common sense?  :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LW Escalation League - Game 2

Saturday night I was able to get in two more games for the escalation league (600 point level) we are running.  These were pretty fast paced games, so I got no pictures!  I hope my minimal skills with MS Paint will suffice!  :)  I'll post the second game tomorrow as my lunch time wasn't sufficient to draw the pics for both! 

We played on a 4x3 table and used the same table for both games.  Free For All ended up being the mission for both games.  Yes I rolled a "1" both times... I ended up being attacker both times with the defender getting to go first!  I chose the same side of the board both times too!  :)

The table had very sparse terrain. Here is a picture I drew in MS Paint...  The yellow box is a "wheatfield" that was difficult going, did not give BP cover, but did block LOS/LOF like woods.  The stream was difficult going and bogging except at the ford.

Game 1

Neal's Fallschirmjager
  • HQ + 3 8cm Mortars
  • 1 x Fallschirmjager Platoon
  • 1 x Gebirgsjager Platoon
  • Fallschirmjager AT Gun Platoon (2 Pak 40)

Dave's Sturmkompanie
  • HQ
  • 1x Sturm Platoon w/Panzerfausts
  • StuG G Platoon (3 vehicles)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

LW Escalation League - Game 1

Keith Miles is running a LW Escalation League at The Gamer's Armory. We had our first meeting last Saturday, June 4th. Here is a link to the rules of the league: rules

I chose to run a Fallschirmjager army.  I spent a lot of time working through which book to pull it from.  I finally settled on using the list from the soon to be released Cassino book.  Until June 11th, I haven't really taken anything that can't be found in the other FJ lists.  After June 11th, I'll start popping out some of the more interesting choices.  :)

The field of players runs the gamut of veterans to complete rookies.  Keith even managed to convince his mom and dad to participate!  That's awesome!  We also have about a 50-50 mix of tank companies and infantry companies.

For the first set of games we tried to pair up the rookies with a veteran.  I was paired up with Keith's mom, Jane.  She complimented me on my teaching skills and all I could say was that I'm glad I played her now because in a couple more weeks she's going to be a very formidable opponent!  She even hinted about a re-match when we are "allowed" to play each other again!

We both ended up bringing 600 point Fallschirmjager forces.  I'm not sure which book her's came from.  Talk about "Blue on Blue" games!  It actually turned out really good because it let us play the game and talk tactics and rules without having to deal with big differences in the armies.

Neal's Fallschirmjager

  • HQ + 3 8cm Mortars + 1 Panzershreck

  • 1 x Fallschirmjager Platoon

  • 1 x Gebirgsjager Platoon

  • Fallschirmjager AT Gun Platoon (2 Pak 40)

Jane's Fallschirmjager

  • HQ

  • 1x Fallschirmjager Platoon

  • Fallschirmjager Light Gun Platoon (2 LG40 guns)

  • Fallschirmjager MG Platoon (2 HMGs)

  • StuG Platoon (2 StuG G)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

600 Point LW Practice Game

This was a practice game for a LW, 600 point, escalation league starting up at The Gamer's Armory in Cary North Carolina.  Game date was Thursday, June 2nd.

It was a tuneup game for me against a good friend who's FOW game experience can still be counted on one hand.  He got a bunch of figures painted up and was itching to try them out so we did!  :)

We did 600 points with my Fallschirmjagers, coming out of the to be released Cassino book (nothing in this list that ain't really in others...), and Brent's Paras coming from Turning Tide via

We were playing on a 4x3 table and the mission rolled was Encounter.  I think I was the attacker.

I stole the table format from WWPD...

Neal's Fallschirmjager
  • HQ + 3 8cm Mortars + 1 Panzershreck

  • 1 x Fallschirmjager Platoon
  • 1 x Gebirgsjager Platoon
  • Fallschirmjager AT Gun Platoon (2 Pak 40)

Brent's British Para
  • HQ + 1 PIAT

  • 1x Parachute Platoon

  • DD Armoured Platoon (1 Firefly, 3 DD Shermans (2 with .50 cal MGs))

I started with the Pak 40s (in woods bottom left) and my Gebirgsjager platoons (in woods near my other objective) on the board.  I screwed up the rule about how HQ weapons were supposed to deploy and I thought they were another platoon under the 2iC command.  Was that version 1?  :)  Anyway, the mortars and the FJ platoon were in reserve.  He had his DD platoon deployed between the field and the woods and the HQ teams right behind the objective in the top right of the picture.  He had his para platoon in reserve.
The first three turns were kind of slow.  I popped one Sherman with the Pak 40s on turn one and he moved the rest behind the woods near his other objective.  His HQ and PIAT moved behind cover into the building without the roof.  My Gebirgsjager stayed in cover and we waited for reinforcements!