Sunday, March 20, 2011

FOW Game Day - March 5th

Posting up some pics of a Flames of War Game Day that we recently held at The Game Connection March 5th, 2011.  It was the first one of these that we'd held in years.  We had 10 players attend which was pretty amazing!  We kept it free form and had 4 tables going the whole time with MW and LW games of 1500 to 1750 points.

We are planning the next game day for March 26th with the same format, although I'm hoping to be able to get my first EW game in!

The pics were taken via my phone (Droid X).  I didn't get a ton of pics and some folks did get to play two games so the pics might not make much sense. :)  

Some pics of the game I played. LW 1750 Breakthrough - Kampfgruppe Bake (me) vs. Soviet Tankovy (Nolan).  I had met Nolan before and never realized he is a high school student (well mannered - His momma would be proud!  :) )  It was a really good game with both sides having the tables turned on them and thinking there was no way to win.  I ended up capturing the objective with my Jager platoon that was part of the flanking force.

These are some pics of two games on the wheatfield table.  I think LW Finns (Chris) are in both games, but I think he took on two different opponents and I'm not sure which one these are pics of...  :)

This was a LW German Tigers/Panzers (Ken) against German Panzers(?) (Britt)

This one was a LW Panther Kompanie (Brian) vs. Tankovy(?) (Nick)

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