Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Fever 2011 - Day 1

Well, after an exciting afternoon of wondering if a tornado was going to hit us, I've decided to bring it down a little by posting some pics of our local miniatures gaming convention we held last weekend.  Spring Fever.

It starts Friday afternoon and runs through Sunday.  This is our 4th year for this convention an offshoot of our senior show Southern Front.

On to the pics!

First a couple shots of us setting the place up on Friday around 10am.

We had our first game already too!  It was a Colonial game for a local campaign that's being played!  
Here are some pics of a Chir River (Flames of War) game I played in on Friday afternoon.  Our brave Soviet infantry made it across the river, but could not push the fascists away from their defenses... 

Here are some shots of the crowd and dealers we had.

This!  This was one of the coolest games of the show!  I took a bunch of pics of this one...  :)  Each player rolled randomly for their driving skill and for their reactions.  Their driving skill determined how many squares you had to travel in a line before you could turn.  If you wanted to turn before that you rolled your reaction.  If you failed then you skidded one square until you passed the roll or hit something...  

At this point I think they called it for the white cycle since he had more room to maneuver in before the orange one ran into a wall.  :)

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