Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Fever - Day 2

Day two of Spring Fever was a very full day. The entire game schedule was full all day long and we had two tournaments going at the same time. The Warhammer Fantasy event, Brawler Bash, has been held in conjunction with Spring Fever for three years now. We also hosted a Warmachine "Iron Arena" event for the first time this year. We are pretty sure it will become a regular feature from here on out. :)

First we have some general shots of the crowd from Saturday. When all was tallied we had about 175 people during the weekend. That was a 20% increase over last year's numbers!

Here are some photos of the Brawler Bash. They had their highest turnout yet of 38! Only two no-shows kept them from reaching 40!

This first army was very interesting. It was an Orcs and Goblins army, but he modeled his chariots with Goblins riding elephants and his Warg riders were mounted on camels! Loved it!

I failed to take any pictures of my first game of the day... Wings of War! I love this game! It's so easy to just jump into. It really is the perfect convention game! I was doing great, my first six damage cards were 0 and when I started taking some damage it was only 2 at a time... Then... I got the dreaded explosion card and I was awarded my second Sitting Duck award... He literally gives you a wooden bath toy looking duck.... The "ace" of the con gets a replica Blue Max award! That is fun

Later in the evening, Nick and I decided to setup a Flames of War game. It was MW 1750 Soviet Strelkovy (Me) vs. SS Pz Gren (Nick). The mission was Breakthrough. I seem to keep rolling this mission up but Nick hadn't played it yet, so I just decided to take one for the team... It definitely seemed like I was in for it when I realized he was an infantry company too and guess who rolled to be the attacker? Yep - Me! Lovely!

I'm going to post another entry about this game with some pictures. I did end up winning the game, but it was a near run thing and I wasn't at all confident it was going to happen.

The rest of Saturday night was spent sitting around drinking adult beverages and chatting about life and gaming!

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