Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LW Escalation League - Game 2

Saturday night I was able to get in two more games for the escalation league (600 point level) we are running.  These were pretty fast paced games, so I got no pictures!  I hope my minimal skills with MS Paint will suffice!  :)  I'll post the second game tomorrow as my lunch time wasn't sufficient to draw the pics for both! 

We played on a 4x3 table and used the same table for both games.  Free For All ended up being the mission for both games.  Yes I rolled a "1" both times... I ended up being attacker both times with the defender getting to go first!  I chose the same side of the board both times too!  :)

The table had very sparse terrain. Here is a picture I drew in MS Paint...  The yellow box is a "wheatfield" that was difficult going, did not give BP cover, but did block LOS/LOF like woods.  The stream was difficult going and bogging except at the ford.

Game 1

Neal's Fallschirmjager
  • HQ + 3 8cm Mortars
  • 1 x Fallschirmjager Platoon
  • 1 x Gebirgsjager Platoon
  • Fallschirmjager AT Gun Platoon (2 Pak 40)

Dave's Sturmkompanie
  • HQ
  • 1x Sturm Platoon w/Panzerfausts
  • StuG G Platoon (3 vehicles)

 My plan at this point was to try and firefight his tanks with the AT guns and kill/pin down his infantry with the mortars.  Send the Gebirgsjager forward to help kill infantry and then take the objective if possible.  The FJ platoon was going to sit in cover and act as a distraction to pin down his tanks.

Turn 1
 So far things worked to plan.  He advanced his forces too and I'm starting to think maybe I should just defend, but we'll stick to the plan until it needs to change!  I think I remember my mortars killing one of his teams and pinning down his infantry.  The StuGs and AT guns traded shots with me getting a bailout and his one hit being saved by the platoon leader.  (Found out later he wasn't being nice, he just forgot about the priority target rule.  I have to admit, I forgot too!)  I believe I also passed my stormtrooper move to get over the stream.

Turn 2
 At this point things are still going OK.  He unbailed his StuG and unpinned his infantry, but didn't advance towards me, so I continued on my way.  His StuGs did another hit on me which the platoon leader saved.  My mortars pinned him again and I may have killed one more stand with the fire from my Gebirgsjagers, I can't remember.  I was able to kill one of the StuGs after getting 3 hits from 4 dice!

I was starting to notice a little shift of dice luck in my favor...  It gets worse...  :)

Turn 3
This turn was fairly static.  The StuGs and AT guns traded shots.  He ping my platoon leader and he made his save... again...  He finally was able to shoot his Sturm platoon at my Gebirgsjager platoon.  Remember the dice luck comment?  He threw 15 dice and got 6-7 "1"s!  He did manage to get another one of my teams though.  I was able to pin him down yet again and whittle away another stand. 

Turn 4
His part of the turn he manages to plink the AT guns again and I'm starting to get worried that he might pick off some people.  I can't save forever can I?  His infantry manages a little better shooting and kills another Gebirgsjager team. 

In my part of the turn, I move the FJ platoon out into the open hoping to draw the StuG fire away from the AT guns since that's the biggest thing I have to hurt his tanks.  I figure he's only got 6 MG shots now and I think he even has to move to get those into range. 

Never fear however, the AT guns get 4 hits and ends up killing another StuG!  The mortars are doing their thing killing a stand and pinning down his Sturm platoon and my infantry ends up killing the remaining teams of the platoon.  He only has his CiC and 2iC left in that area. 

The StuG platoon morale check is taken and he fails.  He decides to forgo the company morale check and concedes the game.  A 6-1(7-2) victory for me!    It was a very fast game.  I think it took us 1.5 hours from setup to finish.


  1. Great report and great way to use combined arms, particularly pinning with the mortars so you can move forward with the FJ and take less fire.

    Keep them coming!

  2. Hi Neil

    Looks right to me, other than I believe I rolled more 1's than you give credit for.

    From earlier comments I agree with you about more is better. The Strum Inf being MG armed means I have fewer then if they were Rifle/MG. Each type have the same values if they move, pinned, or close assault. But I'm not about to give up my Stug's for more infantry, my dice seem to like the Stug's but dispise my infantry.

  3. Hey Dave,

    I didn't want to seem like I was rubbing in the plethora of 1's you were rolling! :)

    Yeah, I would almost have all of my guys be Rifle and spend the points on something else. If/when I get some fortifications into the list, then Rifle/MG won't be so bad because I won't be attacking!