Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company MkIVs and T-34s

After seeing cbaxter's (Craig?) review of the Mk IVs and indie's talks about the T-34s from Plastic Soldier Company, I decided to finally order some and see what the fuss was really about!

Neal (no relation...) at the Warstore carries Plastic Soldier Company stuff.  I didn't know that before Tuesday morning!  So by Tuesday afternoon, the order is packed up and is ready for UPS.  I get it delivered sometime late mid-morning on Thursday!

I bought 10 Mk IVs (2 boxes) and 1 box of the T-34s.  After shipping the cost/tank was $5.80!

Thursday night I put together one of the T-34 76/85 tanks and tonight I put together one of the Mk IVs.  I've taken some pics of the process.  Also, some folks were asking about the compatibility with Battlefront tanks.  I've taken some pics of that too, so you can see it firsthand.  Eventually I'm going to try to take some measurements.

Overall, I like the vehicles.  Very detailed, easy to build but do take longer than BF tanks usually.  The parts are more finely detailed and and produce a better model, IMO. One thing, be sparing with the glue!

I think the Mk IV kit has had some improvements made to it over the T-34 kit and I believe the model fits better with the BF ones, but you can be the judge...

Apologies for a lot of terrible photos...  :)

T-34 76/85

The Battlefront vehicle is on the left. The T-34 is a bit smaller in height and width, but it generally fits pretty well I think. One draw back of the T-34/76 turret is that it doesn't come with a cupola option.

For grins I put the T-34/85 turret onto the BF body to see what it would look like. I think it looks pretty passable and would let me field a late war Tankovy much more quickly since I already have all of these T-34 bodies painted! To make it really work, some sort of sabot would need to be fitted into the large BF hull turret hole since the PSC ones have a small tab coming from the bottom.

Mk VI F2/G/H

Just as in the real war, the German tanks are much harder to produce (i.e. has more parts!) :)

The Battlefront vehicle is on the left. First a comparison of the Mk IV F2 variant. I think this model fits with BF's figure much more closely.

The Mk IV H variant. PSC schurzen is MUCH easier to put on and looks much better than the plastic BF ones I have here. The PSC side pieces have a "bar" that runs on the inside of the armor and is supposed to be glued against the side of the tank to help keep it straight and more sturdy.  In these pics, the BF tank is base coated with Middlestone.


  1. very cool, im about to go back for a second round.

  2. Excellent review. I'm definitely buying some of the PSC Panzer IVs.

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, I'm a big fan now.

    They should do planes too... :)