Wednesday, June 8, 2011

600 Point LW Practice Game

This was a practice game for a LW, 600 point, escalation league starting up at The Gamer's Armory in Cary North Carolina.  Game date was Thursday, June 2nd.

It was a tuneup game for me against a good friend who's FOW game experience can still be counted on one hand.  He got a bunch of figures painted up and was itching to try them out so we did!  :)

We did 600 points with my Fallschirmjagers, coming out of the to be released Cassino book (nothing in this list that ain't really in others...), and Brent's Paras coming from Turning Tide via

We were playing on a 4x3 table and the mission rolled was Encounter.  I think I was the attacker.

I stole the table format from WWPD...

Neal's Fallschirmjager
  • HQ + 3 8cm Mortars + 1 Panzershreck

  • 1 x Fallschirmjager Platoon
  • 1 x Gebirgsjager Platoon
  • Fallschirmjager AT Gun Platoon (2 Pak 40)

Brent's British Para
  • HQ + 1 PIAT

  • 1x Parachute Platoon

  • DD Armoured Platoon (1 Firefly, 3 DD Shermans (2 with .50 cal MGs))

I started with the Pak 40s (in woods bottom left) and my Gebirgsjager platoons (in woods near my other objective) on the board.  I screwed up the rule about how HQ weapons were supposed to deploy and I thought they were another platoon under the 2iC command.  Was that version 1?  :)  Anyway, the mortars and the FJ platoon were in reserve.  He had his DD platoon deployed between the field and the woods and the HQ teams right behind the objective in the top right of the picture.  He had his para platoon in reserve.
The first three turns were kind of slow.  I popped one Sherman with the Pak 40s on turn one and he moved the rest behind the woods near his other objective.  His HQ and PIAT moved behind cover into the building without the roof.  My Gebirgsjager stayed in cover and we waited for reinforcements!

Got 'em sir!

Turn 3 - I got my FJ platoon on and the scattered reserve roll had them coming on in the left corner.  I moved them up the side.  Probably should have doubled them, but I didn't...  His para platoon entered the same corner and promptly moved into the woods near the yellow tape measure.

This pic shows the end of Turn 3.
FJ searching for the enemy...  I can smell them!
They got us first!  Turn 4 saw both the FJ and the paras advancing towards each other.  Then on Turn 5 I charged right into them without any kind of preparation.  What can you do with 600 points right? I forgot to take pictures of the epic fight, but needless to say this pic shows the aftermath.
The British paras moved up to the woods that my FJ platoon had moved through.  He only had 6 stands left....  You can see how badly I lost the assault!

The Gerbirgsjager move to the back side of their woods to try to bring pressure on the British Paras threatening the objective. Desultory shooting resulted in nothing happening.
The British paras, fresh from their victory over my FJ platoon, get "Froggy" and move out of their nice safe woods trying to take the objective from my CiC/Pak 40s...
The combined defensive fire of my CiC, Platoon command and the gun teams was able to pin the assault saving my AT gun platoon and letting me continue to hold the objective.
On the right flank, my "extra" mortar platoon came on and I decided to try to take the other objective with it. All soldiers in my army are riflemen first!
The British HQ decided that they were having none of that and charged out to take the mortars down. The assault went in and the mortarmen ended up winning the assault and the British HQ choosing to breakoff.

At this point, my friend decided that he didn't have much more he could throw at my objectives and that he wouldn't be able to contest both of his, so graciously accepted defeat and conceded a 5-2 victory to me.


  1. Interesting game. I like the 600 point level a lot as it is basic tactics.

    The Company HQ Support Weapons are a leaderless platoon. If the 2iC stayed with them the whole time you did not really do anything wrong.

  2. The part I did wrong was treat them as a platoon for deployment/reserves purposes. They should have deployed with the independent teams and then acted like a leaderless platoon. You are right about keeping the 2iC with them though.

    I have to say I like smaller games too. First time I had played a game this small.

  3. Nice Battle report Neal!

    600 point games are great fun! I am excited to mix in Infantry Aces.

  4. great report, im with steve can't wait for infantry aces to add to these games.

  5. Yeah, I'm looking forward to Infantry Aces too! I hope we do that next as our group thing. :)

    I got my obviously dead markers in the other day, so the next one will be using those! :)